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The evening begins with Richie Arndt & The Bluenatics, helped out by the American vocalist and harp player Kellie Rucker.
Kellie, who feels very much at home in Europe, already toured Germany last summer with the band – the guitarist and singer Richie Arndt, the drummer Frank Boestfleisch and the bass player Jens-Ulrich Handreka.
They are playing both Kellie's and Bluenatic's material, as well as many Rory Gallagher songs – the Bluenatics recently recorded an entire album with Gallagher's music, calling it "Rorymania".

Don't let the petite stature of Kellie Rucker fool you – she is a great talent. She plays a mean harp, and she's got a powerful voice. These features enriched the sound of the "Buddaheads" for five years, until Kellie decided to move on.
Her first solo album "Ain't Hit Bottom" was released in 2006, and the second one, "Church of Texas" is just out.