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5Live is almost a local band, at least to 3/5ths. In 2009 these five friends took a break from their other projects and spent a few days with wives and girlfriends in a big house at Ratzeburger See, recording the album "In the Kitchen" in the cosy atmosphere of the same.

The five are Tommy Schneller, sax and vocals, Ollie Gee, bass, and Morits Fuhrhop, keyboards – all solidly established in the Blues scene of Osnabrück – the shooting star on guitar and vocals Henrik Freischlader from Wuppertal, and the Hamburger Mickey Neher, drums.

The band played the Blues of the 50's, but also worked in some contemporary tracks by Henrik.

Since three of the musicians, Tommy, Henrik and Mickey, are also vocalists, the gig promises to offer an additional interesting dimension.