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Bradley's Circus gave a spectacular performance at the Blueslawine in 2009, and now they are back! They have attracted and generated fans that immediately fell in love with this truly special and genuine band. Bradley's Circus creates a unique interpretation, both style- and sound-wise, of songs that are firmly rooted in the rich American musical heritage. It generates a genre of its own they themselves like to call Contemporary Roots Music. 

The Circus is headed by the beautiful, talented and authentic singer Mattanja Joy Bradley, who, despite her relatively young age, has a voice that will at times send shivers down your spine. The expression she can put in her singing is quite impressive, to say the least. Her voice varies from raw & rocking to sultry & seductive.

Lidewij Veenhuis excels by supporting in a real subtle manner, at other times vigorously chasing the rest of the band on the harmonica. Without doubt one of Holland's, perhaps even Europe's, best female harmonica players.

Next to them, guitarist André van den Boogaart creates special "licks" with a wonderful sound that will take any song to a higher level. The rhythm section consisting of Joris Verbogt on bass and Beewee Nederkoorn on drums lay down the groove for the rest.

Bradley's Circus adds something new to the Blues & Roots genres. They have created a style of their own that can be viewed as different and unique but is always recognizable. Their latest CD is called "Kicking But Not High".


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